CD: Sundari - A Jivamukti Yoga Class (Yogamusik)


CD: Sundari - A Jivamukti Yoga Class (Yogamusik)

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Here Gabrielle Roth adds such luminaries as Indian fusion maven Jai Uttal, Russian singer Boris Grebenshikov, and jazz trombonist Steve Turre to the regulars of her new age supergroup. SUNDARI finds the pioneering leader of the Mirrors in downtempo mode, though the album is far from background music. The tone of the material, almost all of which includes either vocal chants or invocations, ranges from low-key percussive in the overture "Crystal Cavern," to uplifting and hymn-like in the supplicating "Chen Rezi," while "Medicine Dream" is a soothing and refreshing Eastern motif underpinned by reverberating drums. With its subtly shifting aural textures, SUNDARI is a robustly cerebral accompaniment to a concentrated yoga workout.
The world music composer presents a recording that is meant to go along with a Jivamukti yoga class; this CD lasts for 1 hour & contains a diagram for 21 postures that will get you into a tribal, bare bones yoga session - guest musicians include Indian fusion maven Jai Uttal, Russian singer Boris Grebenshikov, and jazz trombonist Steve Turre
Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors includes: Gabrielle Roth, Jai Uttal, Chloe Goodchild, Boris Grebenshikov, Harvey Jones, Allison Cornell, Steve Turre, Mindy Jostyn.
Contains a diagram of 21 yoga postures.
Producers: Gabrielle Roth, Robert Ansell, Scott Ansell, Sharon Gannon, David Life.
The most beautiful, spiritual, and uplifting music anyone can wish for. My Yoga teacher uses it in her class, and everytime she does, her students comment on how wonderful it is. I use it with my clients in my natural healing practice; they are always more relaxed, and more satisfied with their treatments. I also play it a lot at home - it's lovely for meditation, or just to listen to. The most gorgeous track has to be "Chen Rezi", followed closely by "Thy Will". Listening to this CD makes you feel all warm, relaxed, and content.

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